Christian Affirmation of Marriage

A Christian Affirmation of Marriage

We Believe that God’s intention for marriage is established in the Old and New Testaments of the Holy Scripture. 
Genesis 2, Matthew 19, 1 Corinthians 7

This is expressed in creation and in the creation story, the Law of Moses, the wisdom literature and in prophetic tradition.  The Divine establishment of marriage is confirmed by the words of Jesus and the New Testament authors.  They provide guidance for perfecting marriage and affirm its spiritual  significance.  Chaste singleness and marriage are both honored as faithful and holy gifts.

We Believe that God ordained marriage as a voluntary union of one man and one woman for life.
Romans 7:23

Our creation as man and woman, who are complementary to one another, has significance in revealing aspects of the image of God and His relationship to humanity.  The permanence of the marital bond mirrors God’s faithfulness, just as its monogamy reflects God’s singular devotion to His people and His people’s singular devotion to Him.

We Believe that sexual intimacy is legitimate only within the bounds of marriage.
Exodus 20:14, Leviticus 18:22

The commands of God are clear:  Sexual activity profoundly affects people emotionally and spiritually.  Sexual intercourse outside of marriage, promiscuity, common law relationships, divorce, adultery, homosexual acts, exploitation, incest and sexual perversion, contradict God’s purpose for human sexuality.

We Believe that marriage is more than a contract between two people:  It is a covenant before God.
Matthew 19:4-5

God is committed to every marriage.  In the covenant of marriage, God joins a man and a woman together “as one flesh,” and forbids anyone to break it.  Among all human relationships, this covenant is unique to marriage.  The married couple is to recognize and celebrate God’s call to an irrevocable commitment to love, to cherish, and to remain faithful, which transcends the quid pro quo of contracts.

We Believe that in Christian marriages, the Church acts as an agent of God’s blessing, as a primary witness, and as a supportive community to the married
Titus 2

The Church declares the blessing of God, but does not create that benefit.  Therefore, the Church cannot confer the spiritual blessing of marriage on other relationships.

We Believe that a healthy marriage is the best foundation for families and the raising of children.
Exodus 20:12

The practical benefits of marriage are inherent to its form.  A healthy marriage is a unique source of benefits for children, including the stability of the family and the access of children to a mother and a father.  God intended that children should receive nurture from a male and a female parent, and in turn, learn to honor both.  Neither the Church nor anyone else can confer the innate benefits of marriage on different relationships.