Prayer Ministry

Purpose: Cultivate a passion for the Presence of the Lord, which Holy Spirit deposits in those with the gift of intercessory prayer. Develop a lifestyle of the persistent pursuit of His Presence and power, so that we may be fruitful in our call as kings and priests unto God.

Description:  Individuals interested in prayer are invited to use the learning resources (books, videos and tapes) available for their edification on prayer and intercession.
Those with a call and burden for intercession are encouraged
to actively participate in the many opportunities for prayer both within our local fellowship and in the Church in the Greater Rochester Region.
Times of corporate prayer at SHCF allow individuals to grow in their gifts and callings while allowing the Holy Spirit to guide them in discerning and praying the will of God, and teaching them to flow in unity as members of an intercessory prayer team.
The gifts of the Spirit, praise, worship, and spiritual warfare are actively employed
in our corporate times of prayer and are vital to the life of the meeting,
as well as to maintain the abundant life of Christ in the prayer warriors.
Every individual is encouraged to pursue and enjoy the Presence of God daily
while seeking His fresh Holy Spirit infilling.

“…The yoke (of bondage) shall be destroyed because of the anointing.”
Isaiah 10:27c, King James Version